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I’m focusing my attention on mapping local Hiking Routes near me. I like to use OSMAnd Maps App when possible, but have found that if you choose the Hiking Routes overlay that hiking trails / ways that are correctly mapped in OSM do not show up in this overlay if they’re not part of the relation “hiking route”. These hiking route relations are required to get OSMAnd to correctly show these hiking trails in the app.

I’m having a difficult time to understand how to map the entire trail system. Please see as an example Tubbs Hill in Idaho. OpenStreetMap

I have added a relation Hiking Route “Tubbs Hill Main Trail” Relation: Tubbs Hill Main Trail (14456986)… But this is just the roundtrip “main trail” hiking route in Tubbs Hill Park

You can see using the City of Coeur d’Alenes Tubbs Hill Trail Map that there are multiple trails within this park Tubbs_Hill_Mapbook_Title.pdf ( This includes a “10th Street” Trail, a “City Hall” Trail an “East Tubbs” Trail the “Main Trail” and a “Summit Trail”

What is best practice to map all these trails as Hiking Routes so that they will show up correctly in OSMAnd maps?

I would say the entire park is a large “trail system”… So would I add all these ways to a single hiking route relation “Tubbs Hill Trail System”? Should I make each separate trail their own individual hiking route relation? I don’t even know if possible, but if I make each trail its own hiking route relation, can you add a hiking route relation to another hiking route relation (for example, I make individual hiking route relations for summit, main, 10th street, east tubbs, and city hall… then I add all of those to another hiking route relation “Tubbs Hill Trail System”)?

I want to do this correctly so that they show up nicely and the routing, should someone choose to use it, would work properly. So, for example, maybe you are on the Main Trail Hiking Route and decide you want to visit the summit of Tubbs Hill, I want the OSMAnd routing to tell me to walk a distance down the main trail, then turn onto the summit trail.

This is a very common thing near where I live to have all these various named trails overlap in places or be connected to a bigger overall trail system. I don’t want to do this incorrectly and create bigger problems.

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