MapRoulette Challenge - Add Surface to Highways in California

Hello US OSM Community,

I hope that the beginning of 2023 is going well for everyone.

I’d like to introduce myself - my name is David, and I have picked-up the role of TomTom Community Manager for the United States and Canada from Courtney.

I’m reaching out to inform you that we have created a new MapRoulette challenge in order to add Surface to ways in California. To detect the issues in this challenge, we used Overpass Turbo to select Motorways where the Surface tag was not present.

You can find the challenge here: United States - Add Surface to Highway - January 2023 - California

In the description of the challenge you can find some additional information that will make it easier for you to solve the tasks.

Would you like to see this extended to other states?

Do not hesitate to contact me to talk about possible collaborations, problems or challenges that you have detected. If you want to share them with us, we will be happy to explore how we can help.

In the meantime, happy editing!

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