Mass Edit Proposal - South Australia's Road Network

The Edit
this mass edit proposal is intended to add the Key:designation - OpenStreetMap Wiki tag to all current Primary, Secondary and Trunk Roads. example, all Secondary Roads will additionally carry the “designation”-“Secondary” tag.

I plan to do this with JOSM with 3 edits 1 for Primary Roads 1 for Secondary Roads and 1 for Trunk roads. If there are any hardware limits like memory or the data is to large it will have to be broken down into more edits. It will be done by “way” queries in overpass turbo.

while I was banned from editing there were some changes made to some roads which no longer are tagged as the legal classification.

If and After the mass edit is done the above roads will have to be manually changed accordingly.

I plan on doing this in two weeks from now which will be 17th of March 24’. This will only go ahead if approved by our Australian DWG member.

any questions feel free to ask

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