Mass edit - Update T-Mobile wikipedia & wikidata tag in United States

Hi all,

A MapRoulette challenge is trying to resolve issues between the brand:wikipedia and brand:wikidata. Most of the tasks that are left are around T-Mobile in the US where there currently are two different Wikidata tags (Q327634 (T-Mobile International) and Q3511885 (T-Mobile US).
In most cases in the challenge, it is used with the Wikipedia page en:T-Mobile instead of the T-Mobile US - Wikipedia.

My suggestion here is to change all Wikidata tags for T-Mobile in the United States to Q3511885 and update the Wikipedia page to T-Mobile US (if one is already set).

This change aligns with what NSI is suggesting.

This would, in total, update the brand Wikidata tag and Wikipedia tag on less than 1000 nodes and ways (source)
and the Wikipedia tag of 400 (source)

I look forward to your input.

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