Mass imports in the USA messing with wikipedia links

So, I was doing some QA work on links to Wikipedia articles a while ago and noticed that an account by the name of calimoto - Motorcycle Team - Marek has been doing mass imports of mountain passes and saddles in the United States for at least a few weeks now, which unfortunately led to them also importing a bunch of dead links to non-exiting Wikipedia articles.

I had a look through the Wiki and mailing list, but I can’t find anything about them or their edits anywhere. Except they added themselves to Organised Editing/Activities a few days ago with the comment that they have contacted the community in the United States. Although there doesn’t seem to be a link to documentation page or anything along with it. So I’m wondering if anyone from the community has been contacted by them or if any knows anything else about them that might be useful in determining if they are following the proper procedures for mass imports. Since them adding the hundreds of dead Wikipedia links isn’t super great and makes me wonder if they ignored other things when doing the imports. The fact that there doesn’t appear to be any documentation about what they are doing is also concerning.


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