"Maxar" Satellite Imagery use in OSM

I would like to request here a summary (and possibly updates) of where we stand with Maxar Satellite Imagery use in OSM.

I guess that - apart from kicking us out of their imagery by revoking the keys - they have communicated to someone

  • what the specific problem was (I read that they had problems with a small number of nondefined individuals doing very vaguely phrased kind of abuse),
  • whether they do have a solution in development (and its expected timeframe), or
  • whether they are waiting for us to provide a solution, or
  • maybe they are open for suggestions and help (we already had plenty offered),
  • or they are waiting for anything from us,
  • or they “forgot” to respond to OSMF about what’s next and they clearly would need some friendly reminder that we are waiting for their response.

Or, possibly, that they have reconsidered and would not like to support the OSM community efforts anymore, but then it would be prudent to say so instead of keeping us waiting forever… for nothing.

I (possibly along the big pile of mappers editing Africa and Asia) would really prefer a monthly update on that. Would be nice.

Thank you very much!

(See also Maxar imagery not working (was "Maxar is blurred in ID" and other similar topics))

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