Maxspeed data available for Finland and Norway highways

I found the speed limit databases for three nordic countries (Sweden, Norway and Finland), which I uploaded here. I started a thread on the OSM slack channel about using this data to do a bulk import into OSM, but as many pointed out this is quite difficult and instead it would be better to start a thread here and share the map so that contributors could use it for updates.

I’m also aware that someone already did this importing of maxspeed data to the Sweden as per this, so no need to do anything on Sweden.

I’ve also left the Felt map open in case anyone wants to duplicate it and download the data and for each layer you will find its source as well and a link to it.

And if it helps, here is a query from Overpass for stats regarding the number of roads missing the maxspeed tag for Finland and for Norway. Also, if anyone has any input to improve the query that’d be very helpful (I had thought about generating the stats for each highway type; motorway, motorway_link, trunk, etc, but that’s proven a bit difficult). Below are the results for Finland and Norway; and if you run it for Sweden you’ll see that 37% of the road network doesn’t have maxspeed tags, and it drops down to 15% if you leave out the “unclassified” highway tag.



Ps. If you think we need another thread for the Norway community, let me know and I can create it.

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