Meaning of access=private on amenity=parking vs highway=service

Apartment complexes in suburban areas often have a small network of service roads leading from the public street to the different buildings and parking lots for residents and their guests. I will typically tag any such parking lot with access=private since they are not for the general public. However I typically will not tag the service roads with access=private unless there is an explicit sign disallowing the general public from passing through. Something like “residents only”, “keep out”, “no trespassing” or similar.

This has always seemed intuitively sensible to me, but recently I’ve started to wonder if there is a contradiction when a service road that is not tagged access=private (defaulting to access=yes) passes through a parking area that is tagged access=private. Is the access tag on the area conflicting with the access tag on the way? Or is this perfectly clear because access=* on the parking area specifies who is allowed to park, while access=* on the service road specifies who is able to simply pass through, but not park?

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