Mechanical Edit Proposal: Updating Verizon Wireless stores to reflect new branding

In 2019, Verizon Wireless rebranded and reorganized itself in a way that the Verizon Wireless name is no longer used.

However, there are still stores in OSM that use name=Verizon Wireless. There is a MapRoulette Challenge that exists to take care of this issue, but it is not worth going by every single one by hand. There is an iD preset that also exists to take care of this issue, but this faces the same issue described above.

This is important to do because OSM should reflect the current branding of stores and be up-to-date with branding changes.

Therefore, I propose a mechanical edit to fix this issue, It would pretty follow along the lines of the iD preset, having alt_name=Verizon Wireless as a backup. I plan to execute the edit by doing the following:

  1. Query with Overpass Turbo for all shops that still have name=Verizon Wireless
  2. Import data into JOSM
  3. Update the tags as per the schema here using JOSM’s Name Suggestion Index Preset.

I hope my proposal will be considered.


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