Mechanical edit: Remove broken website from FlixBus bus route relations

FlixBus is a long-distance bus operator from Germany, with bus routes in Germany and other countries. Many of the bus routes are mapped in OSM as relations route=bus.

Quite a lot of these routes have a website=* tag that points to a URL below…. MeinFernbus was another bus operator that got bought by FlixBus in 2015. The website no longer exists, so all of these links are now broken.

There is no alternative website with a specific page about each route, detailing e.g. the intermediate stops and the timetable. has SEO pages for each start-destination pair of cities, but these are not very useful. They mostly serve to pre-fill the connection search and don’t tell you anything about stops on the route or timetables.

Here’s an Overpass query for the affected routes: At the time of writing there are 422 such routes.

Proposed change

Remove the website=* key.

Add network:website= in its place. The rationale is that the link to the website might still be useful to some users.

website= does not fit, because it is not a website about the specific route. operator:website=* does not fit, because the actual routes are served by subcontractor companies who own the buses and pay the drivers. For several routes they are tagged as operator=*. In these cases operator:website should rather point to the subcontractors’ websites and not FlixBus’.

How the change is performed

The Overpass turbo query is used to find affected routes.

The data will be loaded into JOSM into a fresh session. JOSM allows to load objects by ID and can load relations without loading the members.

The website key will be removed from all loaded relations.

network:website= will be added to all relations where network:website is not already present.

This tag change is the only change that will be performed. It will be performed only once.

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