Minor touristic objects of local interest only

I have come across a lot of POI with objects interisting for tourists, but limited to local visitors only, like this old steam engine:

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Many of those are tagged as tourism=attraction, whereas I understand this tag to be meant for touristic attractions in the sense of the description given by Wikipedia

to say places attracting people from near and far, like the Eiffel tower or the Vic Falls. Using this tag for objects of local interest which may by chance be visited by local tourists but do not “attract” any visitor from some distance dilutes the significance of this tag imho.

I understand that no sharp definition is possible to differentiate real attractions from local POI - it depends on the personal rating of the mapper, but I think it is not too difficult to make up your mind if an object is of interregional importance (Eiffel tower) or if it is a minor local point of interest (ancient steam machine).

That is why I would favour to have a separate tag for the local stuff like

tourism=minor_attraction or
tourism=attraction + attraction:type=minor_attraction

Just another example: There is a little stand wayside of a hiking trail offering a xylophone made of hollow wood logs playable by a wooden hammer. This is a nice gimmick for people passing by but it hurts to give such object the same “attraction” tag like the Empire State Building if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your comments.

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