Minutely updated vector tiles

I created a proof-of-concept vector tile server with minutely updates for all zoom levels. All tiles come directly out of a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database which is updated using osm2pgsql. Tiles are not cached so that we can see how fast this setup is already without caching, for a real production server, we’d still need some level of tile caching of course. This runs on an 8 core Hetzner server with 128 GB RAM, initial import took about 20 hours including generation of tables for generalized data. Everything except low/mid-zoom road layers and ocean data is updated from minutely.

The demo server is here: https://dev.jochentopf.com/projects/map/

More in this blog post.

Btw: We’ll have an osm2pgsql meetup on Oct 10 if you want to talk about this or any other osm2pgsql topics.

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