Missing wiki page for Automated edits from user archINFORM?

I noticed a user with the name archINFORM who apparently performs automated edits in OpenStreetMap by adding wikidata tags to objects.
Obviously, the information is collected on a separate platform called archinform.net and automatically created in Wikidata (example: Revision history of (Q120984914) - Wikidata) and then directly linked to OSM (example: Changeset: 139141783 | OpenStreetMap).

The user has been active for over 13 years and has already changed 13,000 objects (HDYC).

Basically nothing bad, but I can’t find a wiki page about the Automated edits. Shouldn’t there be one for this here Category:Automated edits log - OpenStreetMap Wiki?
I’ve tried searching in the wiki for “archinform” or “arch2bot” but could not find any information about it.

I’m assuming that someone must have noticed this before and I’m just curious if the procedure was agreed upon with the community and I just can’t find anything about it. Thanks!

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