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Hi, I’m struggling to understand the Wiki regarding tagging for mobile repair shops. I mean places that only repair phones, not mobile phone shops which repair them as an additional service.

Until now I always mapped them as shop=mobile_phone + mobile_phone:repair=yes ¹, but today I saw in the shop=mobile_phone wiki page that craft=electronics_repair + electronics_repair=phone exist.

If you visit the craft=electronics_repair page the suggested tags are repair=mobile_phone and electronics:repair=mobile_phone, not electronics_repair=phone

So we have mobile_phone:repair (933 uses), electronics_repair=phone (591), repair=mobile_phone (65) and electronics:repair=mobile_phone (0) which all mean the same thing, the last two being listed as main tags in the craft=electronics_repair page instead of electronics_repair=phone despite being less used (and not used at all in the case of electronics:repair=mobile_phone).

The problems seems to be that electronics_repair=* key is deprecated (while the sub-value =phone wiki page doesn’t mention it). The banner says “The reason is documented in Deprecated features.” but I couldn’t find the reason there.

¹ I guess because the mobile_phone_repair=* pages says: “Add mobile_phone:repair=yes to a feature which is also tagged as a shop= or other main feature tag. In case of a dedicated shop, shop=mobile_phone should be used.” But at this point I guess the sentences meant “dedicated to mobile phones” and not “dedicated to mobile phone repairs”, maybe it should be phrased differently?

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