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The @forums-governance-team has come up with a plan for increasing the number of moderators for the international categories. The lack of such moderators occasionally results in long response times to flagged posts. We also want to be more alert about conflicts of interests (incorporating feedback from the community and the board) and a larger team of moderators with different backgrounds will make that easier as well.

To form a decently-sized moderator team to start with, we would like to offer a moderator role to people who already had a similar role on the existing platforms. That is:

After a year, we would like to validate that the community is still happy with these moderators through a poll as described in the Moderator selection criteria. By then, we hope that migration of even those platforms further down on our to-do list (such as some of the mailing lists) may be complete.

In addition to this initial team, further moderators can be selected using the process outlined in the Moderator selection criteria.

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