Motorcar, car, automobile, passenger_car or else?

How to express this type of vehicle symbol?

That is used on traffic_signs and undersigns.
At traffic_signs, it express, that the rule is for this symbol, probibitted for others or else.
With undersigns it is prohibited, permitted, excluded from the rule that is expressed by the trafficsign.

Country traffic rules, determine which forms of transport are covered by the symbol.
It depends on the legal vehicle category.

For example: M1, car, minibus, camper van.

Motor vehicle on 4 or more wheels, designed and constructed for the transport of persons, with up to 9 seats including driver’s seat

A traffic_sign example: the use on a parking sign.

Looking for a solution.
The main point is choosing a OSM key with a OSM description (with most consensus as possible) that fits the rule.

motorcar is widely used but the key includes all kinds of vehicles. On that page the controversy is documented. Used taginfo 605 833 times, the key does no suit the symbol on the sign in the countries, where it is used. Look at the german page how widely this category is.

Conclusion: It does not match the symbol.

car is deprecated, on taginfo now used 2211 times,

The question is, could it be reinstalled?
For purpose of the symbol, that we agree it is only for this symbol.

Perhaps to avoid confusion, not.

If not.

The synonym is “automobile”, this is not used much, 11 times taginfo
The symbol (above) could well be expressed with automobile.

Wikipedia page car, with automobile writes about it.

A other possibility is for a key, “passenger_car” as mentioned in the wikipedia article .
Wikipedia page passenger car


Taginfo: use 5 times, almost a clean key.
The sign symbol looks like it, so name the key “passenger_car” then we talk about what fit in the OSM description (consensus)

I think I would choose “passenger_car”. To avoid motorcar and car.

What to choose?

A sign (symbol) must be tagged as directly as possible.
With less keys.
A big point for me is to avoid opposite tagging to neutralize for other keys, transportation modes. At this topic questionable use of motorcar, then you must set hvg=no bus=no tourist_bus=no agricultural=no etc.
It must fit in within the access hierarchy.

Give me your thoughts.

At the end I have to choose, which key can be used in a preset for expression of this symbol on signs, or even use more keys to express it, what I do not want.

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