Motorcycle:conditional – stationary noise

Up until now this tag is used:

motorcycle:conditional=no @ (apr-oct AND >95db)

Background: On some streets in Austria motorcycles with a stationary noise >95dB(A) are not allowed.

However: this used tag leads to an issue in Osmose because it is unclear what ‘quality’ is meant by >95db.

This ‘quality’ is stationary noise - a specific noise which is measured according to guideline ECE R41-04. According to an OSM-Telegram Community member this is a known value for a specific model and written in the vehicle documents.

Additionally, db is the wrong unit: actually, it is dB(A).
(Despite the fact that db / dB also exists, but it is not the same.)

I’m a newbie in OSM and came up with the question in the OSM TG group if I could use something like this:

motorcycle:conditional=no @ apr-oct AND stationary_noise>95dB_A

Clever Tom asked, what if " the government may decide in a couple of years to change the 95db to 80db and then you need to change all tags".

This would ask for a similar solution like in the case for maxspeed, for example with the tag

As said, I’m a newbie and am overtaxed to find an adequate proposition.

As other countries like Switzerland also are interested in setting up such regulations and as advised by the OSM-TG I’m asking in this rather than the local Austrian group.

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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