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Moving to the new forum for proposals and voting

Currently the proposal process states that for new tagging proposals, you are required to announce it on the tagging mailing list and that voting is done via the proposal page on wiki. Proposals can still be written on wiki and optionally discussed on the talk page. That doesn’t change.

It is known that voting on wiki is not really accessible to all community members and that a lot of mappers (including myself) find the mailing list not a nice place to communicate. This raises the level to make and vote for proposals for quite some mappers.

With this new forum and its new possibilities, is it an idea to change those 2 requirements?

  1. Require to announce the proposal here on the forums, optionally in a new sub community, instead of the mailing list
  2. Use the voting system of discourse. You do public votes (see who voted for what). The options can be
  • I approve
  • I abstain from voting, leave a comment below
  • I oppose, leave a comment below explaining why

Those posts can start with [RFC] Proposal name and [Voting] Proposal name

Let me hear what you think

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