MR Challenges: Polygon is Not Closed and Spiky Buildings

Hello, Germany community,

Please forgive my absence of German language.

TomTom recently improved its approach to data improvements through organised editing and have made a number of improvements. We re-engineering our logic and re-wrote our MapRoulette project and challenge descriptions and work instructions as a response to community feedback. Then, we completed an editing project in which we performed an extra round of quality checks on 100% of our edits. This work means that we feel confident about the quality of our data and our challenges.

With that background, I want to share the links to two newly refreshed MapRoulette challenges for editing “polygon is not closed” and" spiky buildings".

“Polygon is not Closed” - MapRoulette
“Spiky Buildings” - MapRoulette

Please let us know if you have any concerns or feedback–and happy editing!

Courtney W.

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