Multi-storey car park

Good morning!

I’m currently trying to get my head around how to tag a multi-storey car park, that has 2 levels, but only half of the parking is actually multi-storey. The other half (the upper right part and the bits south) are just ground-level. There is a single ramp that goes from the ground level to the upper floor, which I marked on the picture. This is what it looks like on bing:

My questions are:

  1. Should I tag the whole thing as parking=multi-storey, even though it’s not exactly the same as a real multi-storey car park and only half of it has more than 1 level? In German, there’s a difference between a real multi-storey parking (Parkhaus) and one having only 1 or 2 storeys (Parkdeck), which is why it feels a bit wrong.
  2. I’d like to add the service ways for this one. Given that the ways on the non-covered part are all layer=0 (even the part that is covered, actually), how do I properly map the ones on the “roof”? I cannot set them layer=1 without all the validators screaming “dude, this is a bridge, add bridge=yes”
  3. And how would I actually map the part of the building where the ramp goes up to? My guess is building=parking, but wouldn’t the entire thing be a parking building, including the lower park level?

If there are any wiki pages I’ve missed, feel free to throw them into my direction.

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