Mute Communities subcategories by default?

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I’m finding that with the increasing number of geographic categories on this forum, it’s becoming harder for me to keep track of the topics that are relevant to me in the main Latest view. It looks like I can mute the categories I don’t want to show up there so I’ll go do that. However, I’m wondering if it is possible to have community subcategories muted by default, letting users opt in to to the ones they are interested rather than having to opt out of the ones they aren’t interested in. It’s quite likely that for any individual user there will be fewer they are interested in than those they are not. If this is possible it would seem sensible to me. A new user would just see posts from the global top level categories in the Latest feed by default, and then could add any specific geographic community subcategories they want. As it stands now, every user has to filter out any new community subcategory they don’t want to see every time a new one is added.

Thoughts on if this is possible and/or desireable?

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