Mysterious surface=cement

There are 3294 objects with surface=cement which is quite suspicious.

This is not a documented value, and cement as surface makes no sense, as cement powder is both expensive, unstable and makes for a poor surface.

I suspect that it is result of language confusion and surface=concrete (or concrete:plates or concrete:lanes) is a correct tag.

You can use overpass turbo to look for it in your area, you can also use MapRoulette to find objects.

I investigated and mostly fixed similar surface=beton (“beton” is word for concrete in multiple languages and was misused instead of surface=concrete). Here I really would appreciate help, especially as scale of use is far larger than was with surface=beton

You can help by

  • asking users who added it to explain what they meant by this tagging (using changeset comments)

  • resurveying nearby to you objects

  • by mapping correct surface based on super-high quality aerial imagery if provided. Or Mapillary or Bing street view imagery or other compatible with OSM sources

  • fixing value if you can be sure that specific objects are wrong (maybe some languages have “cement” as word for beton, maybe as slang term? In such regions it may qualify for bot edit)

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