Name:vro or name:fiu-vro?

Hi !
I’m a French contributor, currently working on a map rendering for some less-known languages, esp. Livonian and Võro.
I spotted a strange situation with Võro : we have two variants for names :confused:

The tag fiu-vro was added 10 years ago during a mass-edit, focusing on countries (and not only Võro). This seems to be a non-standard scheme, as no other Finno-Ugric language has such a name:fiu-XXX feature.
See e.g. this changeset : Changeset: 17267685 | OpenStreetMap

Is there here any argument in favor of name:fiu-vro ? Otherwise I would rather convert all 300 occurrences to the more convenient and logical name:vro (I would of course write an email on that topic on the global tagging mailing list - but it seems useful to check first with the local community).
By the way, I was very happy to see that EveryDoor is an Estonian app :wink:
Head aega !

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