Named Collections of Peaks

Sometimes a group of peaks is given a name. For example, in Colorado, the “Maroon Bells”, which consists of two peaks “North Maroon Peak” and “Maroon Peak”.[0] Currently “Maroon Bells” is mapped in OSM as node tagged with natural=peak[1], but in reality there is no such peak, and in fact the node has been placed in the saddle between the two peaks mentioned above. It is very misleading to say that there is a peak at that location. I see someone has made a mountain_range relation[2], but the note=* tag on the feature says it is experimental, and in any event, I don’t think the Maroon Bells are a “Mountain Range”, at least not in the common understanding of the word.

How should such named collections of peaks be mapped?

[0] Maroon Bells - Wikipedia
[1] Node: ‪Maroon Bells‬ (‪8164130186‬) | OpenStreetMap
[2] Relation: ‪Green Mountains‬ (‪12102399‬) | OpenStreetMap

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