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I was just mapping an apartment complex in Chiang Mai and wasn’t sure how to best name the buildings there.

The complex is called “dcondo sign” (all lowercase on their signs and website). The buildings are named A, B, C and D.

I’d like to add the building names to the map, but I am unsure of the best way to do this. I see the following options for the name tag:

  1. dcondo sign Building A
  2. Building A
  3. A

Option 1 is quite long a clutters the map.
Option 3 and 4 can be ambiguous in a location selector.

Also option 1 additionally looks ugly in its capitalization, but it is the name on the ground. I assume it would be incorrect to map it as “DCondo Sign Building A”.

What are your thoughts?, Maybe this problem has already been solved a million times before.

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