"Native Lands" map

Saw mention of https://native-land.ca/ in yesterday’s Weekly OSM News, & wondering a bit about it, where they may have sourced their information, & how it’s being displayed?

As you can see, their map is marked :copyright: Mapbox & :copyright: OpenStreetMap, but I can’t see anything in OSM itself for the locations shown for the various groups.

I don’t know about every else, but for Australia, the only country-wide source for Indigenous Nations and their languages is copyright. The site also gives links for each group and says to contact them to verify e.g. Native-Land.ca | Our home on native land, but the site that that then links to https://www.yugam.be/, is also copyright.

So, is this an issue, & if so, who’s?

Their map shows OSM, but it doesn’t appear the data listed is actually in OSM? Mapbox perhaps, but I thought they only displayed OSM data? & if this was all in OSM, it would probably have to be reverted as an undiscussed Worldwide import from an unauthorised source.

So, again, is it a problem, or am I just reading too much into it? :thinking:


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