New mappers quitting after not seeing their edits - is it worse than we thought?

The map on does not instantly refresh after you submit the edits. In fact, iD does feature a relevant tip in the post-upload panel (here in Polish):
But as I’ve been speaking with new mappers, it’s not internalized by them. They often think the edits need some form of moderator’s approval.

Can we do better by improving that message?

I also pondered doing an experiment: for a sample of new mappers, request re-rendering of tiles in vicinity of their edits (do this as quickly as possible, based on changeset metadata replication). I am not sure however if it would get through the tile CDN to be visible to anyone regardless of IP geolocation, how to quantify better engagement (and what effect sizes would be feasible to measure with certainty), and of course if the OWG is going to get mad :smile:

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