New Outdoor Tagging guidelines section (Thailand)

I have created a new section in Thailand’s wiki dedicated to Outdoor Tagging:

This section includes recommended tags for various outdoor activities such as hiking, 4WD, MTB, and dirt biking, along with local visual examples. These recommendations are based on global best practices and follow Thailand’s latest highway classifications guideline revisions.

One of the main objectives of these guidelines is to discourage the use of unsigned legal access tags to describe the physical conditions of roads and pathways.

Instead, scale tags are recommended to indicate the difficulty level of these routes.

For instance,

  • instead of using highway=path + bicycle=yes + foot=yes + motorcycle=yes, we can use highway=path + mtb:scale=1 + sac_scale=hiking after conducting a survey.
  • similarly, highway=path + access=no + foot=yes can be replaced with highway=path + sac_scale=demanding_mountain_hiking after conducting a survey.

This migration will greatly benefit the outdoor community and incentivize new mappers to join, as all outdoor-oriented applications can display these tags.

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