New Strava Heatmap Extension for iD

I’ve been using @ezekielf ’s JOSM Strava Heatmap browser extension for a while, and it has been an invaluable tool.

However, iD lacks a custom Overlay URL mechanism, limiting the visibility of the heatmap to a background layer only.

Considering the complexity of the current URL mechanism and limitations in iD, and after consulting with @ezekielf, I’ve decided to take up the challenge and develop a separate Chrome extension that focuses on iD and simplifies the process.

I believe it will make it easier for iD users to access the Strava Heatmap, so I’m excited to share this extension:

I kindly welcome any feedback, suggestions, or concerns you may have regarding this extension. Your input is highly appreciated and will help me further improve its functionality and usability.


  • As a new Chrome developer, it may take a few months for the extension to become trusted. Consequently, you may see a message stating “This extension is not trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing.”
  • The open-source code for the extension can be found in the following GitHub repository: GitHub - cmoffroad/id-strava-heatmap-extension

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