New tag for light forests

I’m not sure how many other countries and areas this touches, but here in the alpine regions, we do have something, that I’dlike to call a “light forest”. The official Topomap also uses a special area pattern for this here in Switzerland. If you visit their site ( you can see the areas with a mix of small and bigger green dots. Those are the light forests.

Down in the lower regions around densely populated areas, forests tend to be very sharply bordered. There’s either a clear forest with densely standing trees or there is grass/meadow etc, nothing in between.

But this is not the case for mountaineous areas or more remote valleys. There you will find something that is neither forest, not grass, not meadow, nor bushland. It’s a light forest … areas with lots of trees, but not yet as dense as a real forest, but too many to map them individually. This avoids the issue of having really weird polygons in the mountains, where people sometimes consider it a forest and someetimes not.

I therefore would like to suggest and discuss a new tag to accomodate for these regions of “light forest”.

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