New tag idea: entrance=unclassifiable (or other way of marking that entrance=yes is not really assignable to more specific entrance categories)

There are benefits of surveying entrance=yes objects. Especially in areas where entrance=staircase/entrance=yes is likely to have ref and signed apartment range (for example in Poland), while say entrance=servicewill not have such data.

It also has some value in routing to distinguish actual building entrance from possibly multiple service or shop entrances.

But some entrances of residential buildings cannot be conclusively surveyed.

See for example What kind of entrance is this? · Issue #2706 · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub

entrance 37 and 39 are clearly staircases, but 37a is just an entrance. (And left and right of that entrance, you actually see two more entrances but without a housenumber). For these entrances, it is not possible to get more detailed than yes.

I propose a new entrance=unclassifiable value (unspecifiable?) value that could be used in such cases - where entrance=yes cannot be replaced with more detailed value despite survey. Or maybe entrance=yes entrance_not_classifiable=yes for full backward compatibility?

This post and attempt to invent a new tagging is motivated by attempt to make it possible to implement related quest in StreetComplete and in general to allow automatic detection of places where survey will be useful. This would help to collect address data in some parts of the world.

Opinions whether it is ok to start using such value are welcome, suggestions for better tag value/key are also welcome.

Note that I am not planning to make a full-scale proposal with a vote so please comment also if you dislike this idea.

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