New Tag structure food:*

In many occasion I was finding useful adding specific tags for POI related to the selling of food,
this in order to know if a given location offer a specific kind of food or not, with different degree of specificity, i.e.:

  • (fairly generic) if a amenity=fast_food offers pizza
  • (more specific) if a shop=bakery offers strudel (a type of layered pastry)
  • (very specific) if a shop=bakery offers açma (a type of turkish bread, salty pastry).

From my understanding the current way to add this kind of information is using one of the following two keys as lists:

  • cuisine: cuisine | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo
  • food: food | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo
    The problem I see with those approaches is that
  • adding combination specific_food=value, i.e. sandwich=packaged is not possible
  • list can grow long and long list should be avoided
  • it is maybe easier to enforce constraints or add documentation on sub-keys rather than key values

I saw that the key structure I was envisioning is already existing for drinks Key:drink:* and given I was not easily finding discussion about why a similar structure should not exist for food I created the following page in the wiki: Key:food:*

What do you think about this tag structure?
Can this information belong in OSM? (until a reasonble degree of details) ?

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