New tagging for sport: sport=teqball

Hello, I’d like to introduce new tag to OSM tagging scheme. My proposal is sport=teqball.

Teqball is relatively new sport. To play it special table (similar to table tennis) is required, and some space around it (recommended field is 12m x 16m).

Image from Wikimedia Commons, User: Globetrotter19

I’d like to reccommend tagging it as a node (where table is) or area (whole field/pitch) with tags:


My plan is to:

  1. create Wiki page Tag:sport=teqball and link it where relevant; - done
  2. retag all occurrences currently found when searching for Teqball in Nominatim; - done
  3. send PRs for editors. StreetComplete

Do you have any comments?
Can I proceed with my actions? I believe change so small do not require formal proposal.

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