Northern Ireland 'super-council' boundaries

Hi folks.
I noticed that the boundaries of Northern Ireland’s 11 ‘super-councils’ were not mapped on OSM.

This seemed a pretty big omission, as these are the local government divisions used in NI since 2015 (see Local councils in Northern Ireland | nidirect ). These are the people who empty your bins :slight_smile:

I have now added one (Newry, Mourne & Down District Council), see here:

It was a fairly painless process that took me 3 or 4 days.
As I expect many of you know, nearly all boundaries on the island of Ireland use the historical townlands (Townland - Wikipedia) as the ultimate building block, and the Super-Councils are no expection. OSM already has pretty much all the townland boundaries already mapped, so this makes it fairly straightforward to create a new releation for a ‘super-council’, and add it to the various constituent ways that are already tagged with townland boundaries.

I wonder if any other mappers would be interested in mapping the remaining 10 super-councils?

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