Object copied from Google Earth; a case for DWG?


Small intro: Someone probably copied from Google Earth. I am currently waiting for response from the mapper. Should this turn out to be true, I do have to contact the DWG to redact the copyrighted material from the database, don’t I?

The wiki says:

The DWG is also in charge of removing or “redacting” information that cannot be distributed in OSM–even after being reverted–for legal reasons. This usually stems from bulk amounts of data that have been copied or imported while not having the proper licensure or permission. […]

I know that this might not be a bulk amount (but I will check their other CSs as well), but it is still problematic that the planet OSM file is containing/distributing non-free/proprietary data. Even though it will be deleted, it will remain in the history.

Thoughts? Maybe someone like @SomeoneElse can share his views?

P.S.: I do not want to publicly accuse anyone (that’s why I didn’t link the CS) and will try to resolve this in the friendly spirit of the community. This is more of a general question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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