Offline Server Karten auch offline-Abrufbar machen

Hi …

I have OSM maps from Geofabrik available for download on an emergency server that is supposed to run WITHOUT an internet connection (see here:, only in german language).

The maps are available on my server in osm.pbf format because this is the quickest and easiest way to download them when setting up the server. Users should also be able to install an (Android) app and use the maps on their smart device completely independently.

Now I would like to extend the server so that users can also use the maps in a browser. No routing and no search function is necessary. Users should only be able to call up the map without first having to install an app and download the map completely. There is also no update necessary because the server runs completely offline and can only be accessed directly via WLAN and LAN.

In other words: The user should be able to access the data via a browser - just like in the web view of the OSM project!

WHAT do I need here as a server daemon?

The server runs either on a Raspberry PI (4 or 5 with 8 GB) with Raspberry OS or an Intel/AMD PC with Debian GNU/Linux - in other words: Debian is used throughout in order to remain compatible.

Many thanks in advance, Guido

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