Old italian (and german..) toponyms in Slovenia

Hello everyone, sorry for writing in english. I’m a it.wikipedia editor, and I come here since I have noticed that the maps of slovenia with the interface in italian on wikipedia (that come from OSM) have in certain areas everywhere italian microtoponyms, which in modern maps are not present anymore. They come almost certainly from 1930’s maps of the Kingdom of Italy. I think that OSM should show such toponyms, but not as if they were still in use, otherwise the italian interface seems set in the 1930’s and not in the 2020’s. I have seen that some users have tried to move the names from the key “name:it” to the key “old_name:it”, but they have been rollbacked with the reason that you cannot have a key:old_name:it without a key:name:it. Therefore I moved again those toponyms to the key:old_name:it, but leaving the key:name:it (that now contains the same - slovenian - toponym contained in the key:name). See for example node/504490581 (Ciginj). The question is: Am I doing this correctly? Are there other policies or previous discussions of which I’m unaware of?
Of course I’m not speaking of established italian toponyms still in use as “Tolmino” (Tolmin) “Plezzo” (Bovec), and so on, I’m talking about small rivers, peaks of secondary importance, small villages etc…

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