One for the Friendly_Ghost - Double inner ring cleaning

This might be up the lane of @Friendly_Ghost query scripting skills, a multipolygon with 1 or more inner double rings, one to tag the inside area, e.g. landuse=farmland or meadow, and a second ring being tagless merely having the inner role for instance in a forest multipolygon relation.

Done a few and more by hand in the central 3rd of Italy, now looks fairly on this.Going by the Osmose problem selector, transferring the inside area tag(s) to the inner ring and deleting the duplicate 100% overlying ring, all seen a single object ring, some tag corrections needed like a reservoir actually being a waste water clarifier or a photovoltaic generator being solar farm plant, but other than that straight forward and actually it is not a first concern… simply transfer the tags to the inner role relation ring and delete the duplicate that was used to qualify the inner area.

If there’s no harm, just nuisance at a level 3 problem rating, same as 1 member relations, than let it be, but if it is a thorn in the side, performance wise for instance, then mechanical skills might be in order to clean this up in bulk.

The Osmose pin map with the specific problem, same as buildings on farmland is dense…, so if Casper, who loves these problems to put his teeth in and has time, or anyone else with the skills, please have a go at the ‘issue’, again, if it is an actual problem, not house cosmetics.

(Why I got on this… I touched a forest yesterday and this morning I got marked by the top hat man with the pointing finger :O).


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