Ongoing Edit War: Laguna Homes Backroad Access (Chiang Mai)

There seems to be an ongoing edit war going on regarding a special access backroad leading to a gated community called Laguna Homes in Chiang Mai.

Here’s the link to the road in question: Way History: ‪Laguna Homes‬ (‪348366431‬) | OpenStreetMap

I’ve tried reaching out to “Roman Resenchuk” (version #7) for comments since he changed the highway tag from residential to footway about 6 days ago. Unfortunately, he hasn’t responded, which seems to be a common trend among mappers in Chiang Mai.

Since then, there have been more users getting involved, such as #8, Roman again at #9, ratrun to fix routing issues at #10 and #11, and Grab reverting everything back to version #6 today at #12. It’s clear that without proper communication, this cycle of conflicting changes will continue.

If anyone has any tips on how to get people to communicate and resolve the underlying navigation/routing issue, I’m all ears.

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