`opening_hours` changing on nth Monday of a specific month

I have a ‘fun’ opening hours sign that I’m trying to translate into OSM’s format. To put it simply, the building has both ‘normal hours’ and ‘summer hours’, and figuring out how to represent the range of the ‘summer hours’ is the part I can’t figure out.

According to the sign, ‘summer hours’ are in effect from June 24 until Labor Day. In this case, Labour Day occurs on the 1st Monday of September. How do I handle a range like that, which might be different on any given year?

So far I have this:

Mo,Tu,Th,Fr 13:00-21:00;
Sa-Su 13:00-16:30;
Jun 24-Sep 01: Fr 10:00-18:00;
Jun 24-Sep 01: Sa 13:00-16:00;
Jun 24-Sep 01: Su off

Any ideas what I can replace the ‘Sep 01’ with? Is there some simpler way of denoting ‘seasonal hours’ that I’m missing?

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