OpenSeaMap - it it still alive?

The title says it all, but I’m hoping that maybe somebody here may have an idea. While the forum, site and tile server are all up, they level of activity is incredibly low (mainly new users). Also, changes made to the seamark:* elements aren’t being reflected on the map layer.

I’ve asked at the following places:

Most specifically, I’m interested in what tools they currently use to render tiles. I’ve forked and updated the JOSM Plugins in order to get them to work with Tirex, but the tiles being generated don’t match those from the official tile server (lighthouses, etc), so I have a feeling I’m busy patching osbolete tools (which while fun seems a little pointless).

I know there was a bit of a schism a while back with OpenNauticalChart but that appears less active.

Some questions I have:

  • Is the source for the tools available, or is it essentially closed (see my reponse to Mateusz_Konieczny)?
  • Does anyone know who is active in running the project?

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