OpenStreetEditor - new OpenStreetMap editor for the iOS platform with JOSM presets

Greetings everyone,

I am excited to introduce OpenStreetEditor, a new mobile editor for OpenStreetMap, specifically designed for the iOS platform. The application is now available for alpha testing.

In its initial version, OpenStreetEditor allows users to add new points, edit tags of existing points, lines, and polygons, as well as delete objects that are not referenced by other objects.

OpenStreetEditor is built on the foundations of JOSM presets and the highly efficient GLMap framework, designed for seamless interaction with OpenStreetMap data.

The editor is distributed under the GPLv3 license, and we warmly invite anyone interested to participate in its development. We eagerly look forward to your involvement and feedback as we strive to refine the application.

Link to testing on TestFlight (TestFlight installation is required) - Join the OpenStreetEditor beta - TestFlight - Apple

Source code - GitHub - OpenStreetEditor/OpenStreetEditor

Telegram channel - Telegram: Contact @OpenStreetEditor

Telegram chat - Telegram: Contact @OpenStreetEditor_chat

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