OpenstreetMap address found on offical website not found in latest version of OSM dump

We searched for the following Address: 2932 Cherryland Road, Baltimore, MD 21225 on the official OpenStreetMap website . Results attached here:[2932 Cherryland Road | OpenStreetMap] We found that the above address is present on the openstreet map official website as shown in the link above.

In our use case we are downloading all latest OSM data provided in PBF format and then dumping that data in our database. The above address is present in Maryland state and thus we downloaded the latest OSM dump for Maryland from : [] and checked if the above address is present in the downloaded OSM file. But unfortunately we could not find any such address in the dump.

When we exported the node id from openstreet website for above address and searched it in OSM dump we downloaded we found those to be empty nodes and do not contain address relevant tags. Can you suggest why this difference or are we missing something?

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