[OpenStreetMap Community Forum] Email issue -- Posting error

Frankly, it is so annoying, I get it almost every day, and the message is completely unhelpful, because it doesn’t either provide a link to the topic, nor does it cite the text one has posted. It contains a link but it is not useful for anything. Example:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“[replies+abc27a33dc7b3649f078c27cdd99ae6a@community.openstreetmap.org](mailto:replies+abc27a33dc7b3649f078c27cdd99ae6a@community.openstreetmap.org)”] (titled Re: [Help and support] What are the license requirements for files created only by reference to OSM data?) didn’t work.


You are not allowed to create a post in reply to another post.

If you can correct the problem, please try again.

Or maybe I just don’t understand. Is there some use for the mailto:replies+abc27a33dc7b3649f078c27cdd99ae6a@community.openstreetmap.org link?

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