Optimum use of notes

Would it be OK to add to Notes - OpenStreetMap Wiki info that creating high volume of notes that someone

  • does not plan to fix
  • are created at high volume
  • are about minor unimportant things
  • are without materials that would allow remote fix (such as image of location)

are not really useful and can be closed?

Among real examples that I encountered was creating 100+ notes about missing waste baskets or creating “add natural=tree for each tree” in a park.

In Poland there were also anonymous notes about speed limit at given location which were not reporting wrong data (speed limit was not tagged there) and were not usable at all as it was unclear where speed limit changes. Edits were still requiring on the ground verification as they were not from some trustworthy account.

I also seen some StreetComplete notes creating notes without photo where this was editable directly with app - in such case I would say that explaining to mapper how this can be edited in app and asking whether they plan to process this notes makes sense. Optionally closing notes of dubious utility after some time (again “here is trach can” notes without photos are common example).

What is “minor unimportant things” depends on area, in well mapped areas reporting missing shop may be helpful, if POIs are basically not mapped then opening note for each shop is not helpful at all.

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