OSM data use in the Turkey / Syria earthquake response - other examples?

Hi all, we have been collecting examples of data use as part of the Turkey / Syria earthquake response activation. Wanted to share them here and ask the community if they know of any that we have missed?

btw, big thanks to Yer Cizenler / OSM Turkey and Missing Maps partners for sharing these maps, products and testimonies… also to note, some examples appear in multiple posts and diary entries.

HDX downloads of OSM datasets (also covered in this diary)

Diary with examples of maps / analysis including OSM data (sourced from ReliefWeb, MSF GeoCentre and social media)

Testimony (diary with link to video and transcript) from Dr Çevik, a Turkish surgeon treating people injured by the earthquake in Turkey, who used Organic Maps to get to the affected areas when other map providers failed.

Two blog posts >1 month after the quake looking at how OSM data is being used, here and here.

Testimony (Turkish with English subtitles) from Dr Uçum on the critical role that OpenStreetMap data is playing in ensuring high quality public health programming in one of the tent cities for displaced people in Turkey as part of the earthquake response.

As I say, if there are any other examples that people know of, please flag them (with a link or picture if possible)!

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