OSM export missing rivers and lakes

I’m writing my own export reader. Right now I read geojson files but I might switch back to the osm xml files since geojson are missing some features, even if they are easier to parse.

My problem though exists in both geojson and osm files. Most of the osm export I test are missing rivers or entire lakes. If I open any osm export with Maperitive, I clearly see that part of a river or lake are not exported.
I’ve read a post that (one of) the reason is the missing polygons that might not be on the export file for reasons. I did try two or three cities with the maximum export allowed by openstreetmap and I had always a problem.
I then also tried with a way bigger file that I was able to download from internet but it had the same issue.

Here I was able to get the OSM for the whole Zurich area. The lake and rivers are not exported. I can only see the ferry routes.

Is that big osm incomplete? How do I manage to render a river? Should I download the whole continent if the river starts outside a country? That still doesn’t explain why the whole lake of Zurich isn’t shown.
I tried with Berlin and had the same problem.

Any Idea? Thanks.

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