OSM Impact Assessment (in Spain or other specific country)

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I have just translate here my recent topic in the Spanish Community Forum to request global help because I guess my question is for Spain but could be useful for any other specific country.

I recently had an informal meeting with representatives of the National Centre for Geographic Information of the National Geographic Institute of Spain, CNIG, who are evaluating relationships and potential contributions to the OpenStreetMap project and its community beyond letting us use their data.

One of the questions that came up in the conversation was to be able to assess the importance of OpenStreetMap as a source of spatial data in quantitative terms: for example, how many visualisations are made of the web in Spain as well as how many data downloads are made from the data and similar questions.

For this community, the importance of OSM in quantitative and qualitative terms is unquestionable. Just go to the wiki to see it. However, when you are asked a question like the one above, the transmission of this information becomes complex, especially in quantitative terms and more relative to a given territory.

I’m opening this topic to see if we can centralise it here and then move it to the wiki those information. Then with the data and numbers we could convince institutions, companies and other agents to join this collaborative cartographic project and improve it together.

Thank you very much in advance.

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