OSM Impact Calculator | Made a tool that calculates the economic value of mapper-contributions

Hey all,
New here. Made a tool that calculates the economic value of mapper-contributions

The OSM Impact Calculator enables users to quantify the economic impact of their mapping contributions in their local context. The tool is inspired from Pascal Neis’s work on HDYC.

Much like HDYC the calculator requires your OSM username to get started. It then asks for your mapping locale, which aids in adjusting currency and costs relevant to their region, providing a comparative metric. You can select between two valuation methods,

  1. Wages based or Time Spent: This approach estimates the total value of your edits based on the national median wage and total hours spent mapping. It emphasizes the extent of a your efforts but does not capture the diversity or actual impact of the work. This method is suitable if you wish to understand the time-equivalent monetary value of your mapping contributions.

  2. Edits based or Number of Edits: Alternatively, this method calculates a standard Value Per Edit using market values of map data, guided by a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) system. This provides a market value estimate of your efforts but does not account for variations in the individual contribution value. It’s ideal for users who are interested in a market-based assessment of their contributions.

Note: Estimates between these two methods of valuation might vary widely. This variance is due to factors such as location-specific economic conditions, PPP adjustments, and the inherently diverse nature of map-data contributions.

Here’s a link : https://osm.protomap.xyz/

I’ll make a GitHub link available soon (need to edit some stuff still) and it would then be great if others can share different ways to measure impact which can be incorporated (not just monetary, but I am thinking like Net Change Created or maybe something else)


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