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Hi All,
I wrote first To « Memberships Working Group » and I was answered to get back to OSM Community to get my answer.
So before answering it, I would like to draw your attention on the point(s) below.
When an individual buys a house, we are in a 1/1 relationship: a buyer, a seller and an intermediary who then disappears.
When a company wants to set up in a port area / craft area / commercial area, it is either the owner, or the tenant, or a simple user. It depends on the subject and the legal terms that define the occupation of the place.
So the question remains the same in the question exposed below. If you want points set by ordinary users to survive over time, whatever happens in the interval between point setting and the nth visit years later, they can’t be pegged to ‘temporary information’ '.
Isn’t the only (?) good way to start by attaching this point to a GPS position. And then to include this point in the cartographic work afterwards?
Hi there,
Given how late OSM is when compared to the Big Bad Wolf (G Maps), it is perfectly understandable that your product is still behind in terms of the options offered to the end user (or webmaster).
On the other hand, what I do not understand and I would very much appreciate your explaining to me in commercially understandable terms, is why a user who enriches OSM has access to a detailed satellite view from which he can work constructively and productive while:

  • the average OSM visitor only has access to a sinple map view ?
  • the average visitor cannot obtain a GPS position of a “place” that is not previously defined upstream in your cartography ?
    Because until you offer the possibility to define any point on a map to an average user, you have NO chance of initiating the switch (necessarily slow !!) from Gmaps to OSM / Qwant and co….
    So the longer you take to offer the option, the more you are playing against yourself. When on an OSM map, we want to define a point and the system switches us to what it considers to be the closest known point, even if it is in the middle of a port basin or the ocean, admit that it doesn’t make you want to use it, does it ? !
    If at least one could get a GPS position with a hyperlink attached back, which can later, once your hard mapping work has been done, be attached to that position, you would start recording new clients right now. Until that is done, they are not likely to come.
    So if a contributor can attach information to a satellite view, which in any case can be modified later, by any other contributor… Why can’t an average user obtain a GPS position to attach to a point that remains to be defined ? Since by definition your points remain to be defined since any contributor can modify them later !!
    Thanks in advance.
    Looking forward to reading from you.
    Thanks in advance for your constructive feedbacks.

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